Wedding photography by Carol Sternkopf and Karen Cammack Photography

Sometimes love happens effortlessly, in an instant flash of recognition. And sometimes we take the long road to get there. No matter what the journey, arriving at your YES is a sacred moment. Uniquely and authentically yours.

So what’s your ceremony?

Maybe it’s a silent commitment to each other forehead-to-forehead with nothing but wind and sand around you. Maybe it’s a circle in the woods surrounded by the community who raised you, supported you, and taught you how to open up to what big love means. Maybe you can finally make your loving partnership legal and public after years of hard-won battles and waiting. Or maybe it’s the second time you’ve stood in ceremony, and this time it’s different, because you’re different and the years that spanned the first “I do” to this moment feel like a lifetime of learning how to come back to yourself.

As photographers, we consider ourselves quiet but vigilant guardians of these moments. We catch the fleeting sparks of magic that happen in ceremony and celebration, suspending them in a visual story you can revisit and reimagine. We know it is impossible to fix in your memory the kaleidoscope of images swirling around you. But you can relax and enjoy it all effortlessly, trusting we will.

You won’t (and shouldn’t) be paying any attention to the presence of a lens during your wedding. We won’t step into your intimate moments like unwanted paparazzi or behave like uninvited guests. We take our role in your ceremony seriously, and consider it an honor to help you remember it. Think of us as…The Shadow. But in a not-creepy kind of way.

Another thing. We don’t stage shots. Or pose you like a Hallmark line up. There is enough beauty and spontaneous fun and joy happening naturally at your ceremony, and we like it that way. So whether there’s dancing or drumming, whiskey shots or champagne flutes, flower dogs or flower girls, bare feet or glass slippers, tears or belly laughter – when it’s all over, we’ll have those moments waiting for you as your very own story.

It’s your ceremony. Celebrate yourselves!

photo: the amazing flower girl, Caitlin.