Space To Create

“An artist’s studio is the soul of their creative process. In a physical space of their own formation, artists experience the breadth of emotional, intellectual and creative freedom. They shape the space, and the space shapes them.

I recently had the privilege of photographing five talented and diverse Bend-based artists in their studios. Here’s what I discovered: artists have a lot of stuff, and they like to move it around. Objects are collected from nature, salvage yards, dismantled toys. The artists mix glazes, paints, and inks. They hammer, glue, and sand. Power tools create sparks, hand tools carve into clay and wood. They are deliberate and delicate, sometimes. Other times, they smash and destroy things. They play, they work. In the end, things of beauty emerge. But the process and the space, can be messy and unpredictable.

Follow me and delve into the eclectic, sacred world of five local artists’ work spaces.”

Excerpt from the the current winter issue of Cascade Journal ( ), and feature article “Space To Create”.
Photographed and written by Carol Sternkopf.

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