Behind The Chutes


I’m hardly a cowgirl, But I almooooooost feel like one after shooting local rodeos here in Central Oregon for the last two years.

I was granted “back-stage” access to the rodeo a few years ago through a magazine assignment to photograph our beautiful county rodeo queen. This fascinating aspect of American culture grabbed my attention in a big way. The strong family traditions, athleticism, danger, style, hard work, and love and care for ranch animals are all attributes I have come to associate with the rodeo community, and seem to be calling to me long summer days, after long summer days , for a few years now.

For me, developing a body of work on this scale is simultaneously developing respect for a subject. And In this case, mine is for the extremely hardy competitors of the western rodeo world.

Happy Trails, and see you again next summer where I will be continuing my “Behind The Chutes” photo essay.